Why Choose Us

We get it. Buying a pre-construction condo as an investor or end-user doesn’t come without a level of overwhelm especially if this is your first time. Whether you are a third-generation Canadian, a new immigrant, or an overseas investor, you want to be able to get past all the clutter of online options and narrow down on where you can begin to get answers. Put together in terms that are as simplistic or as complex as you expect.

Some of the more common questions we get are “which project would we invest in?” and “when is the right time?”.

We have the knowledge, the expertise, and more importantly the experience to help navigate you through the entire process. To answer those questions and so many more.

Your success depends on the right representation. Our Team has highly trained and seasoned real estate professionals. It’s no coincidence that we are amongst a select group of agents that represent a large number of developers as their Platinum and VIP Brokers.

What that means for you is that you would get access very early to projects in the earliest stages of release. Timing, they say, is everything. Would you agree?

What’s more- the early access comes with an in-depth market analysis based on:

  • Current housing market trends for resale and new build
  • Location of the Project
  • Future Potential and Opportunities
  • Future Values
  • Rental Market Trends
  • Developer History and Reputation

That way, you are equipped to make the best decision because empowering and educating you, not enticing you, is how we operate.

Our clients range from recent graduates to seniors looking at their twilight years and everyone in-between.

Let’s get started!